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:: Friday, October 17, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

New Goatlab radio show up for download.
Goatlab Radio with Parasite & Dan Gusset & Anakissed - October 2008 (featuring interviews with Hard Off and Frog Pocket!!!) [58MB MP3]

1. Square Root of Evil - May the Dud Be With You (Killer Bytes)
2. DJ C - Set Me Free From This Wicked Game (Mashit)
3. Jilk - Gobble Lawless Kids (CDR)
4. Milch of Source - Wonderstruck Animals (live)
5. Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams
6. Cardopusher - Yes Extender (dub)
7. Dev/Null - Gorechestra (Cock Rock Disco)
8. Kamerat Tord - Spiegel (demo)
9. Au2pilot - Punk Party (Sociopath Recordings)
10. Shy Child - Technicrats (Milch of Sourse remix)

Jay Nom - 30 Minutes in Jay Nom's Pants mix [42MB MP3]

DJ C "Mas Hits" Album

Milch of Source achieves

The Centrifuge netlabel has a great new Gasman EP [cf008] as well as some nice older material I may have blogged before (the Loz Koleszko ep?)

sadra hemati says:
"hey dan,
i saw that you had a link of my first debute release on archives (how to) on your gusset blog... wich im a big fan of!!! great stuff! hey i dont really know how you got that link, but hey heres my latest release its a bit more proffesional for an amateur artist like myself than my first release :) ill put the front cover in the mail. give it a listen if you like it idd be honoured to find it on gussetblog.
hey keep kickin the right stuff, and i wish you and the whole gusset team the best of regards.
take care,
sadra hemati"


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