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:: Friday, October 10, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

Same Actor EP
"Chris Cook is happy to make three new Same Actor pieces of music available through the Acroplane Net-Label. The three tracks on this EP come from the same paranoid, fragile world of sitar, guitar and software patches as his recent "The End of the Garden" EP on London label Disco_r.dance."

ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - The Teknoist (Ad Noiseam) [160MB MP3]


"The idea for this recording project began a couple of months ago, when I discovered a few old cassette tapes stored away in a forgotten box in my garage. The contents of the tapes might be described as 'domestic field recordings'. Recorded by my late father, they document family life in the house that I grew up in during the month of September 1977.
"At some point I decided that I'd like to try setting some of these recordings within a musical framework. The direction was never in doubt: it must be haunting, ambient, beat-free, and evocative of the time when the recordings were made. But I didn't want to use any obvious musical quotes, no cheap-shot gimmicky samples or naive melodies. I wanted it very amorphous, merely a suggestion of musical color within a framework of shifting lo-fi texture. And I wanted the dialogue to be indistinct, like it was coming from another room or from the other end of a corridor. I wanted to retain the tape-hiss, random drop-outs, warbles, muffles and flutters of the original tapes, so I mastered all the music on an old, much-used cassette, in the hope of capturing as much 'undesirable' audio degradation as possible."
Brilliant, brilliant work Nick. Thanks for sharing this personal work.
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Ujino Muneteru's Rotators

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