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:: Sunday, October 12, 2008 ::

Cautionary Tales

Steal From Work are very happy to have been asked to produce the debut SPQR solo show...

Saturday 11th - Sunday 19th October, 12pm-7pm
Trash Express, 8-10 Bond Street, Broadmead, Bristol, UK
(between Rikaxxe Music and Debenhams)

"Way back in May SPQR chatted about doing his first solo show in Bristol, and asked if we could find a suitably 'interesting' venue and help produce the show for him. Although we've spent the summer gallivanting round the world, we returned just in time to find the perfect venue (a former pawn shop, just doors down from the new shopping monstrosity in the heart of Bristol) and we are well on the way to producing a killer show.

"SPQR uses a mix of stencils and freehand spray-can work to montage and subvert popular contemporary imagery from the pop art world through to images harvested from the continual media onslaught. Simply Producing Quality Results.

"Highly collected and hugely popular, he quickly sold out at his last two shows and is famed for such iconic pieces as The Fifth Man, Paint Bomber and Patty Hirst.

"We invite you to come and enjoy the unveiling of all new works and take note of these cautionary tales…

Please email stealfromwork@gmail.com with any sales enquiries
PDF catalogue


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:: Dan 12.10.08 [Arc] [1 comments] [links to this post] ::
SQPR = a class act. We've chatted over email, and he's sent me a test piece, and he's got a really pure vision of street art in general. I may swipe this and re-post, don't normally like gallery events but he gets all the love in the world from me.
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