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:: Sunday, September 07, 2008 ::


Oakley TM3030 Midi controlled synth
"Constructional difficulty: Moderate, but its a big project with many parts."

Richard Wigglesworth says:
"So I finally finished building my home made acid monosynth. I call it that all though oakleysound (www.oakleysound.com) call it a 303 clone, the tm3030. I got the PCB from them and a parts list and then built it after ordering parts from various places. There is a track here called SSM2210 and you can hear the home made acid monosynth right at the beginning. It is genuine analog, home built. I will be taking it to Lo Motion in reading on 10 Oct."

Good work!

You can hear Anarchist606 and I interview Richard in the November 2007 Goatlab Radio show here.

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