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:: Thursday, September 04, 2008 ::


I've waffled in the past about what is the ultimate art-form (in terms of flexibility) and concluded that film will soon be usurped by computer gaming. Sculpture may be the oldest art-form but it is still the most difficult to convert into any other media. Which is what fascinated about Waldemar Januszczak's brilliant first part of The Sculpture Diaries on Channel 4 last weekend. If you missed it you can see it again here for a few more days and look out for the next two parts on Sunday evenings, 7pm. The first episode focuses on the female form, the second will be leaders, and the final one landscapes.

The Willendorf Venus

Hans Bellmer, Les jeux de la poupée

Back to my point about the difficulty in representing sculpture in a 2D medium; you have to show it from many angles to be able to give any real impression, and even then on TV the view has no choice over what those angles are. Which is where computer rendering comes in. The art of architecture has already found a home in the simulated world of gaming so I imagine sculpture fits just as well. Here is BLDG BLOG on game/space and Tactical Landscaping.


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