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:: Friday, September 19, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

Goatlab Radio is back!
September 2008 with Parasite & Anakissed & 606 [61MB MP3]

Square Root of Evil says:
"hello! i am playing a set this friday with a whole bunch of awesome people.
if you can't be there, tune in to http://www.cjsf.ca/ the sets start at 10pm pst [6am GMT], i'm on at midnight or thereabouts. :)
and if you haven't yet, please check out my ep at xynthetic"

Noizetek "free 14 track compilation for your pleasure!
All tracks are taken from upcoming or past Noizetek releases and a few exclusive to the compilation..."
[93MB zip]
Including Davros, Ladyscraper, Eustachian, DJ Floorclearer, Unibomber, and more.

Wrong Music Mix Tapes:
WMMT001 : Andrew Lloyd Webber's Unicorn Pom Fritz - Cern Concern
[webpage with tracklistings & 2x 82MB MP3s]
The New Worck 183 of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Unicorn Pom Fritz
[webpage with tracklisting & 119MB MP3]

Automatism Vol.2
Automatism Vol.3
A joke remix, called 'Fleshdance'!

New Chevron track, Excursions, on 030303

Electronic Explorations:
"Had a day off today so I've made a little 60 minute show about music I enjoy listening to the most. Minimalist Discovery & Post-Abstract Innovation
1 hour show, no talking, just music! I love this type of music. Here is one hour of soundscapes, drones, ambience and minimalist post-abstract innovation by a selection of my favourite musicians. I had to throw Distance in as I love the track ‘Delight.’ It may seem out of place to some of you, but fuck it! I really enjoyed making this, so I may well make one or two more shows in a similar vein."
Direct link [99MB MP3]

Without any thought: Sunken Foal


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