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:: Friday, September 05, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

Drumcorp - Altered Beast [26MB zip]
I've just got my hands on the Drumcorp (aka Aaron Spectre) Altered Beast 10" and it is one of the most amazing, as well as most nauseating, pieces of vinyl I have ever seen. You can download the 3 tracks from it here [direct MP3 link above], the FLAC is here, and if you like it you can still get all of the vinyl versions here and in the UK exclusively from dSWAT, although I doubt they will be around for long.

BLÆRG - Auspices and Vagaries
"Ever watch a 60’s movie set in the future? The kind where the sets are stark white with oddly shaped chairs in bright colors that don’t look the least bit comfortable, where the cars fly but are roughly the size of pontoons, where people get their meals by speaking into little boxes and out pops a plate with a small, unnaturally colored cube on it? Yes, it all looks futuristic and ultra-modern but it still, without a doubt, is stamped with the impression of an era long past – and it’s still really cool.
BLÆRG’s latest release, a 3" CD by the name of “Auspices and Vagaries” is the perfect score to a meal of Soylent Orange or for a drink at the milk bar. It stirs together bits of futuristic rhythms, strains of jazzy flavor and a splash of retro flair into a wonderful little breakcore appetizer that leaves the palate whetted and the appetite craving more.
This 3" CD-R is hand printed and assembled, and comes with an “Auspices and Vagaries” vinyl sticker. This album is strictly limited to 50 copies. Album can also be downloaded for free in 128kbps MP3 format. This could be the last BLÆRG album for a long time."

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Logosamphia - How To
internet debut album, "just a promotional introduction of my current projects"

Two new Forensics mixes:
Automatism Vol.1
Sensimedia Mix
Tracklistings in comments


:: Dan 5.9.08 [Arc] [1 comments] [links to this post] ::
Two new Forensics mixes:

Automatism Vol.1

01 : Forensics – Exile
02 : Tangka - Dryad
03 : IZC – Six-a-clack
04 : F – Dissident
05 : F – Life Simulation
06 : Oyaarss – A Song About Passion
07 : Ico – Def Note
08 : Borg – Trippin Ballz
09 : Bazrah - Cliche
10 : Bazrah & Professor J-S – Tell me
11 : Matt Green – Remove Yourself
12 : Matt Green – Long Drive VIP
13 : Darkham – Age of War
14 : Darkham – Space Odyssey
15 : The Bug ft. Killer P & Flowdan - Skeng



OR HERE (direct link):

Should be up on Barefiles soon too:


Sensimedia Mix

01 Forensics – Slower
02 Richie Spice - Holiday
03 Thesis – Shadowloops
04 Pure - Sung
05 Skream – Blipstream
06 Skream – Deep Concentration
07 Iree Man – Don’t you know
08 Bazrah – Funk
09 Faib – Magic Music Box
10 Innasekt - Static
11 Darkham - The Last Ritual
12 Darkham - Inner Storm ft. Aggi Dukes



OR HERE (direct link):

Should be up on Barefiles soon too:
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