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:: Saturday, September 13, 2008 ::


SpyCat 8
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I bought a CatCam and a CatTrack from Mr Lee. Having tested them out on myself I am now flooding flickr with Isis's own photography. The slide show below shows the build, testing, and the first outing. If you don't fancy the soldering you can buy complete set-ups, I just built it myself to save money.

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:: Dan 13.9.08 [Arc] [3 comments] [links to this post] ::
I did actually bookmark your original post on it, because I intended to get around to having a think about it. Is it pretty secure? It looks bloody brilliant. All my cats go out (besides the new kitten) and it would be amazing to see where they go.
It is secure but we use easy break collars as she does seem to loose one every couple of months. So there is always the chance of her getting it caught and loosing it but better that than loosing her if she got stuck somewhere with it. The GPS tracker is more of an issue as that has to be worn on the back so is on a kind of harness and that doesn't break easily, so I'm more concerned about sending her out with that on.
You can set up your very own DIY pet monitoring system by using any simple, off-the-shelf webcam. Even old, unused ones that you may have lying around will work. Decide on the number of cameras you wish to set-up (usually - one in every room that your pet may walk around in, with a maximum of 4 cameras). Once you're done with this, use a webcam software like GotoCamera that's easily available on the internet. Some of them even offer a basic version of this service for free. By paying a bit more ( usually, not more than $4 a month), you will get a whole bunch of added benefits such as motion detection, email alerts, mobile alerts, etc.
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