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:: Friday, August 29, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

Hoonboy live @ Audaciousfest, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 21/08/08 [94MB zip]
[Tracklisting in zip and on website below]
"This was set to be a belter from the outset, what with the previous track record of the audacious boys and the phone call prior to the gig asking me to prepare an 80 minute set. We estimated 200 people at the end of my set and they were all moving. Dressed in full old skool gear and armed with a rave horn the Hoonboy kicked Edinburgh’s arse."
^ Tonnes more mixes on website.

Square Root of Evil - Killerbytes EP on Xynthetic [40MB zip inc. artwork]

Blippy, bleepy, 8-bit stylie!


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