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:: Friday, August 01, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

The Doppelganger mixes Blogariddims 46 [72MB MP3]
...and provides 'artwork, track titles & further conceptualisation' for BFND002: Soundtrack To The Lost Episodes
[128kbps/51.2mb zip file]

Tripel Records presents dj nochexxx
"dj nochexxx revisits his historical C drive archives, churning out a warped concoction of his own mutant discoid productions. a free 21 minute tape render is on offer.
'party like hardy' and download the edits here!
otherwise if the 'server is to busy' you can download via this yousendit link.
the greatest record is dedicated to all hardcore vinyl collectors and international super disco breakers!"

ACP026 Ebola - Brodmann Area:
"Some wonderfully weird Techno, Dancehall, Ambience, Dubstep and Noise from Wrong Music co-founder Ebola. In the past he has released music of varying styles, from Grime to Harsh Noise on Wrong Music, Mutant Sniper, Sublight and Proboscus. Check out his brand spanking new ‘Mutant Dubstep’ EP on Spectraliquid too!
Grab the full EP for free from acroplane.org"

The Addict Records website has relaunched (again! looking good though) and has even more archive recordings on offer, including a Unibomber set from 98, DM from 99, a couple of Stunt Rock shows from '01 etc. Get them here.


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