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:: Friday, July 11, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

How can a metal band whose lyrics are all taken from Schwarzenegger films not be awesome? Check them out. Worth seach YouTube for to.
[thanks hard.off]

Two new Bedroom Research releases:
DINO FELIPE - Personality Crisis (BR021)
THIAZ ITCH - Binjoum (PRT005-BR022) [joint release with ProOt Records]
Both links to zips. More info.

"Raoul Sinier's special DJ set on the Math + Science Show, 89.1 FM New York and www.wnyu.org, 10:30 PM (July, 10), but you'll be able to download it later via wnyu.org's archives."

Monkey Steak on BBC Asian Network
Good work guys!

Electronic Exlorations.org Net Label showcase [MP3]


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