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:: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 ::

Goatlab Venue Review

goatlab venue review
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Thank you Venue for this lovely review!

“Gusset, with Parasite, at one point puts Lily Allen’s ‘Smile’ through a rapid wash cycle and his faders-to-10 set closer is a thrilling jack hammering explosion of drum & bass and a highlight of the evening that sets the room properly dancing. “

This was actually a Gusset back-to-back with Parasite set so full credit to Armin too. I think that final track referred to was one of his selections. As I remember, it went something like this:
Exillon – Acid Panda Laptop Death
Parasite selection
Alan Titmash – Ditch Pig
Parasite selection
The Teknoist & Scheme Boy - Leppers on Garys …
vs Microphist – I Love Lily Allan (cranked up a bit)…
vs Julie Andrews – The Lonely Goat Herd (cranked up a lot)
Parasite selection
Gusset – Gussetbusters (Ghost Busters theme mash-up)
Parasite selection

So thanks to Jay, Jon, Mike, Ash, Dunc, Julie, Spokesy and Armin for their input there!

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