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:: Friday, July 18, 2008 ::

Delia's Buried Treasure

The secrets of a long-forgotten collection of recordings, correspondence and scores by [Delia Derbyshire] have been revealed to researchers at The University of Manchester

"Following Derbyshire’s death in 2001, the collection was entrusted to the composer and Radiophonic Workshop archivist Mark Ayres, who donated the 267 tapes - most of which have been unheard for over thirty years - to the University’s Dr David Butler to catalogue and preserve.

Among the jewels found in the collection is one of the earliest electronic “dance music” compositions, written by Delia for radio twenty years before the style was made fashionable... [listen here]

'it’s already proved to be an Aladdin’s cave and we’ve just started to scratch the surface.'

The collection includes her freelance work and really does give us a better sense of her range as a composer."

I'm hoping, once this has been properly catalogued, that a new retrospective release, like that of Daphne Oram's, will be on the horizon.


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