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:: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 ::

The Orb - Reissues


"June 23rd 2008 sees the re-release of a salvo of Orb albums through Universal Catalogue. All four albums, Pomme Fritz, Orbus Terrarum, Orblivion & Cydonia were all originally released on Island Records.

"All four albums come as 2-CD packages and include fully re-mastered versions of the original albums, deluxe, expanded packaging with sleeve notes from Kris Needs plus rare and previously unreleased mixes from the period of the original album releases."


Pomme Fritz (pictured) is massively underrated, as to some extent is Orbus Terrarum. Both albums still stand up so well, yet the "classic" UFOrb sounded a little dated to me when I played it recently. (Adventures is still a classic of course.) These are worth a look if you didn't get them the first time round.

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