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:: Monday, June 23, 2008 ::

Do Pokerbots Dream of Electric Sheep?

Bluff 4-08 Do Pokerbots Dream of Electric Sheep.pdf [190KB PDF] [HTML]

Not a fantastic article but an interesting find. I wasn't expecting to find a PKD article in a poker magazine (Bluff Europe) I picked up when waiting in a Chinese take-away.

Searching around I also found this story from 2005:
Science non-fiction
"Grace was one of 19 robots participating in the conference's 14th annual Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition. Her job was to entertain the crowd and allow her Carnegie Mellon University team of creators to test how she uses social interactions, rather than sight and sound, to achieve a task -- in this case, finding a team member in a pink hat. ... Across from Grace, an android version of the late science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick sat in a chair candidly chatting about his novels and personal habits. A true conversationalist, he made eye contact and punctuated his remarks with smiles and scowls on his realistic, three-dimensional face -- sculpted by David Hanson, founder of Texas-based Hanson Robotics Inc. ... Nearby, several robots rolled through a section of a hallway, seeking bright balls and stuffed animals as part of a scavenger hunt. The robots had to make their own decisions about how to locate and retrieve the objects using artificial intelligence: No remote controls could be involved, said Paul Rybski, a CMU post-doctoral fellow and co-chairman of the competition."

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