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:: Thursday, May 29, 2008 ::

Tandy Headphone Radio

Tandy Headphone Radio
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Extract from the Tandy 1980-81 Electronics Catalogue.
"Tandy FM/AM and AM Headphone Radios
Listen While You Walk, Jog, Cycle or Do Housework
FM/AM £19.95
AM £12.95
More to follow.

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Dear Sir,

Please forgive me Sir, to trouble you many times when you are busy.
Viva EU!!!
Viva Airbus!
Viva British!
Viva prime minister Major! Blair! Brown!
Viva MINI!
Boycott Japanese cars, capitals, products, and goods!!!

Boycott Chinese products!!!
EU must have trade-surplus!
Unite EU and US!!!
Raise the Yen value and Chinese Yuan value!

Very sincerely yours,
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