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:: Friday, May 30, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

DJ Ripley - To The Party Members [webpage with tracklisting etc]
Direct link [77MB MP3]
Artwork by inkcore

Tony of Eustachian (DJ Skull Vomit) says:
"Here is a live dj set I did from last nights Bong-ra show here in LA.....I know the track list in random, I got trash canned before I played...
Tracklisting in comments

Derek Sajbel says:
"I just finished a trailer for the bent festival 2007 NYC dvd i made
you can watch it in 720p streaming with vimeo's most superior web video service"

"Shot and Mastered in HDV, Absurdity.Biz continues the Circuit Bending Documentary Project with the release of Bent 2007 NYC widescreen SD-DVD. Help support the independent documentary now over five years in the making being produced solely by Dr. Rek. DVDs available at absurdity.biz"

"I had an excellent time performing at them in New York and Minneapolis this year
it was cool to meet faltyDL, for a brief moment while sweating thru a orange furry suit and minneapolis is a really nice town with not too little and not too much happening, if it didn't have hellish winter, I'd want to live there.

"also, i was interviewed recently by getlofi.com"

"Absurdity.Biz's newest music video for our long time pal Daedelus' track "Lights Out" [21MB mov] off his new release on ninja tune and mush records entitled "denighs the days demise" can be downloaded here for the best looking version, or watch the google stream below, which plays best when u let the whole video preload before viewing."

Decal - 404 not found videos
These were only shown on Irish TV when the album came out (2002). And this non-album track is a stunner:
Decal - Dancing With Stiletoes In The Snow*

"One of Decals most inventive tracks and [was] only available as a quicktime video! Included on a CD of Irish artists, 'Please Don't Ask Me What I Think of Your Band' that came free with Homage magazine. The video by Tim Redfern is also outstanding, gelling seamlessly with the music, 2002."
* Gotta love the Marrillion reference too!

This Lucky Me - Tweet – Ooops remix [via downloadmyspacemusic]

Bit behind here, I've forgotten to post this several times now, Appleblim April podcast Rinse FM [107MB MP3]

Jonas the Plugexpert says,
"Yo some tunes in here [20MB MP3 on webpage]ranging in style, the first one is a remix, rest is work in progress

Bad Mammal has a new MP3 release over on Good Luck Bad Luck, if you want something downbeat and dirty/lo-fi, but it's charged for, so I'd suggest downloading the live set from Chicago [38MB MP3] last year and seeing what you think.

Dork Side of the Moon

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:: Dan 30.5.08 [Arc] [1 comments] [links to this post] ::
Dj Skull Vomit - Live TooDrunk Dj set @ La cita 28/3/0Cool
Trackslisting :
01. Clark - Caveman Lament
02. Mouse on Mars - Actionist Respoke
03. Cex - Academy Award
04. Terminal 11 - Drop Mastyle Right (snippet)
05. Evol Intent - The Oscine's Lament
06. Scheme Boy - Tequila Mockingbird
07. Matar - In Heaven
08. Current Value - Not Sure?
09. Acrnym - Requim
10. Rotator - Aerodynamit Punx
11. Error - Brains Out
12. Dillinja - ? (snippet)
13. Dr. Lefty - Get Mad Now
14.Vytear - Big Up Unicorn Rave Pt 2
15. Lil John - Why U Fuckin Wit Me?
16. Ladyscraper - Fuckinghairstyle
17. I:Gor - My Name Is
18. DuranDuranDuran - Boom Hunter
19. Cuti Sadda - Appraisal on The Alter (Skymall Remix)
Running Time : 36:58
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