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:: Friday, May 23, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

stAllio has been one of my Flickr contacts for ages but for some reason I'd never checked out his music. Until I spotted his Mash Smarter Not Harder album artwork and thought I better have a listen. Boy had I been missing out! Download it NOW if you get nothing else!
I played some of this on the Goatlab radio show I recorded with Parasite earlier this week, look out for that appearing online soon.

V/Vm MP3 imprint VUKZID (shit leads there, check it out) presents SOLYPSIS - denouement: 1998-2008

Forensics - Adventures in Death Star Valley Vol.6 [37MB MP3 on MedaFire]
Tracklisting in comments
"Should be up on Barefiles at some point too"

New Libythth live set [42MB MP3]

Peter Hook DJ set atrocity
Watch and cringe. Worth it for the bit at 1:13 where it looks like he's glued his finger to the mixer.

DJ Chug - UK Garage Breaks Mix 00 - 03

Noisy Boy [dissident] may mix [147MB MP3 on sendspace]

Benga on how to make dubstep [videos]
by Matt Shadetek


:: Dan 23.5.08 [Arc] [1 comments] [links to this post] ::
Forensics - Adventures in Death Star Valley Vol.6 tracklisting:

1 Prod – No Frills, Atki2 remix (Dub)
2 Rogue State ft. Terror D & J
Poet - Champion Bubbler (R8)
3 Secret Agent Gel ft. Brer Brian –
Step Over, Apparition (Dub)
4 RSD – Loving it (Temwa)
5 RSD – Speeka Box (Punch Drunk)
6 RSD – Murderah (Dub)
7 RSD – Jahway (Punch Drunk)
8 Innerlign – Headed East (Airtight Imprint)
9 The Daega Sound System – Pathway 2 (DPR)
10 Forensics – Closed Universe (Dub)
11 Forensics – Ground State (Dub)
12 Matt Green – No Options v2 (base.Corrupt)
13 ReHAB – Quantech (Eight:FX)
14 Blackmass Plastics – Ugly Track (Dub)
15 Blackmass Plastics – Shortcircuit (Dub)
16 Tri-Funk - Untitled 437,89 (Dub)

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