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:: Friday, May 16, 2008 ::


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I decided to pop into the Cold War Exhibition at the RAF Museum Cosford when I drove past it the other day. Although some of the aircraft are interesting and seeing them in the flesh is much more impressive than I expected, that wasn't really what interested me. I liked the display cases they had put together to demonstrate differences between West and East during the Cold War. Differences in sporting achievement, arts, etc. It reminded me of the Russian propaganda display at Tate Modern I saw last year, the graphic design in those magazines was way ahead of its time. In the life style section I spotted the Kommissar board game from 1966, above. It's effectively US anti-commie propaganda for kids, based on a Monopoly like board where you try to collect enough of “the peoples money” to get to “the peoples airport” to escape Serbia to retirement somewhere warm. The idea seem to be that everyone is a capitalist at heart and is just trying to escape from tyranny. Hmm.

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