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:: Sunday, May 04, 2008 ::


Compost Fungus
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Today is the start of "Compost Awareness Week," or CAW as it has been unnecessarily abbreviated. (We prefer to simply refer to it as The 'Post in our house.)

The awareness week "is an initiative of WRAP and The Composting Association, and together they will be encouraging everyone to 'Green up their Environment' this Sunday 4th May to Saturday 10th May.

"The initiative began in Canada in 1995 and was brought to the UK for the first time in 2001 by The Composting Association. Since then, it has gradually been adopted by other stakeholders including community composting groups and local authority waste departments as a week in which to concentrate composting promotional efforts.

"If you’re new to home composting, you may need some help so visit the consumer pages on the CAW website for lots of tips on how to make and use compost, as well as where to buy peat-free compost that contains recycled materials. There are downloadable leaflets which include information on how to be greener in the garden, as well as an events locator which will help you find your nearest compost event. Another site worth visiting is homecomposting.org.uk

"Reduced cost compost bins are also being offered in partnership with some councils so if you need one, enter your postcode here to find out about offers in your region.

"And for the ultimate in composting accessories – de rigeur, you know – click here."

PS If anyone can identify my fungus I'd be interested. The one pictured above that is. The other one is a whole other blog. ;-]

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