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:: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 ::

Sophie Lancaster killers jailed

Two teenage boys have been jailed for life for the murder of a woman who was killed for dressing as a Goth
I can't remember whether I've commented on this case before or not but I have been following it.

Passing sentence at Preston Crown Court, Judge Anthony Russell QC described the attack as "feral thuggery" which raised serious questions about the "sort of society which exists in this country".
He added: "This was a terrible case which has shocked and outraged all who have heard about it.
"At least wild animals, when they hunt in packs, have a legitimate reason for so doing, to obtain food.
"You have none and your behaviour on that night degrades humanity itself."

Strong words, totally justified. It's a sad, sad society we live in. Any form of prejudice grieves me but this one in particular stands out as she was so beautiful and caring and it is such a pointless waste of a young life. My heart goes out to her boyfriend, whom she was trying to protect, and to all her friends and family. RIP

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