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:: Friday, April 25, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

Hanuman DJ set from Resonance FM
[tracklisting in comments]

25 ways to kill a piano

1.5hr of old skool rave
[via cridge]

In the 1990s, Two Russian-born, US-based conceptual artists calling themselves Komar and Melamid created what they intend to be the world's most unlikeable song. The 22-minute opus is assembled from a palette of elements determined (through a poll) to be the least desirable aspects of songs, and includes things like an operatic soprano rapping about cowboys over a tuba-backed bassline and bagpipe breaks, a children's choir singing inane holiday ditties and advertising Wal-Mart, and someone shouts political slogans over elevator music. It is, in its own way, awesome.
[via null device]

Gutta's Doppelmix
"How good is this? Restores your faith in human nature it does sir.... I offloaded a box of old vinyl onto Gutta as part of the extensive Doppelbase relocation project. It's good - I don't mind... a little bit of culturo-material detriutus floatin' away... a bit of the past relinquished..... positively Buddhist it felt.... it's ok.. And then, like something dredged up from the Jungian collective conscious, a bare two days later, Gutta pops up with a bit of mp3 mixery-wizardry and there it all is: history resurrected shiny and new. Three cheers to you Gutta sir!"

Juxtaposeur says:
"Dear all,
The show I recorded earlier this month with Thom/Agentblu [is now uploaded as a] podcast www.thejuxtaposition.co.uk/skiptotheend.html
Direct link [106MB MP3]
"Also, I'm playing a 'Covers and Kazoos' DJ set at The Bell, Jamaica Street, Bristol on Saturday 17th May.
I'm going to try an experiment and stream the set at the same time if I can get a wifi connection there. Perhaps call it Skip to The Bell (end). Not my joke btw.
Hopefully see you down the pub on the 17th.


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Hanuman DJ set from Resonance FM:
Monkey Steak - Verve Edouard (Baile Crunk Mix)
Deadbeat - One.One.Five
S.O.S DJ - Odalisk
Bonde De Rola - Gasolina (Crookers Crunk Mix)
Apache Indian - Belly Dance
Mr. Oizo - M-Seq
Tego Calderon - Trangalanga (Remix)
Tigerstyle - Mirza Sahibaan
MC Leka - Para De Gracinha (Acapella)
Monkey Steak - Warpath
DJ Q - Shades
Steak House - Bodybroken (Steak House Mashup)
Billy B - 18 and Over
DJ Sega - Get on my level
Shantel - Marko i Shantel
The Bug - Fuck Version
Tweet - Oops (Oh my!)
Roll Deep - Tipsy Freestyle
Balkan Beat Box - Gypsy Queen
Beenie Man - King of the Dancehall
Mahala Rai Banda - Mahalageasca (Bucovina Dub)
Fanfare Ciocarlia feat Esma Redzepoza - Ibrahim
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