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:: Friday, September 25, 2009 ::

MP3 Friday

New Sunken Foal Piece 'A Beard of Mercury Switches' in response to Bibio's previous tune on the Relay site [stream & 16MB zip]
Previous contributors include Pierre Bastien and Polly Fibre among others

[CF031] The Gasman - Inept Whoop EP out now, free DL

"The Gasman returns for an 8-track rollercoaster ride through his skewed aural world. Haunting, cerebral melodies and tweaked-up percussion give rise to his inimitable anti-anthems as a prelude to his forthcoming album on the mighty Planet Mu."

William Fields' ambient album Timbre from 2006 now streaming for free

Generative Music by Birds:

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.
“Birds on the Wires”, a beautiful video created by Jarbas Agnelli of São Paulo who saw a photo of birds on electric wires by Paul Pinto in a newspaper and decided to create a song based on the birds locations as musical notes.
[via grom]

New Skip to the End [56MB MP3] 24th September - with Juxtaposeur
"Includes a tribute to Keith Floyd, Bristol September highlights and other stuff like Mambo no.5 which was nearly number one in the pop charts when my daughter was born 10 years ago 24/09/99."


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