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:: Thursday, July 17, 2008 ::

Zero Image

Amphibious Landing Craft & Tea Kettle
Originally uploaded by f/1.4.

"[Pinhole Photograph] Taken with a ZeroImage 6x9 multi-format camera.
Port Clyde, Maine / Sept. 30, 2006
Artifacts of an Uncertain Origin

These have been scanned for awhile but work (gasp!) and other projects have kept me from sitting down and playing with them. Of the three images posted with the tea kettle, please let me know which one you like the best. Only one will make it into the final series. At the moment, I am liking this one the best, perhaps because the presence of the giant Sea Truk creates such a strange scene.
**Oh, and I should add that the tea kettle was there on the rock when I took the photo...it was not added via Photoshop."

Zero Image Pinhole Cameras

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