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:: Friday, June 20, 2008 ::

MP3 Friday

Goatlab Radio with Parasite & Bong-Ra Interview - June 2008 [30MB MP3]


1. Himuro Yoshiteru - Wet You
2. Amph - My Girl (ft. Cauto) (Mutant Sniper)
3. DJ Donna Summer - Wonder Years (Cock Rock Disco)
4. Filaria - Bruce Lee Perry
5. Gromov - Coma Gain (Allergy)
6. Hudson Mo - Ooops! (Wireblock)
7. Kamerat Tord - Loona (unreleased!)
8. Michael Montano - Madder Dan Dat (Ghislain Poirier Remix)
9. South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again
10. Venetian Snares - Eurocore MVP (Planet Mu)
11. Vex'd - Crusher Dub (Planet Mu)
12. Venetian Snares - Miss Balaton


House of Doll Tent - Glastonbury Festival - Saturday 28th June 2008
Wasted Over Berlin - July 3rd 2008
Glade Festival info - 17-21 July 2008

Goatlab at The Croft tonight!

Non-goaty links:

Twenty Knives - Royal Invitation Free EP [40MB zip]

From Cock Rock Disco:
"Vexkiddy, an improbable 18th century inspired micro-acid-breakcore-cabarave duo from bristol, have turned out pretty much the most mental album of 2007/8, and what's more they teamed up with Cock Rock Disco to GIVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE!! That's right "Knocking Out Numbers" is their debut release, and it's 100% FREE!

"They have played a bunch of festivals, and will be featured @ Glade this year too. If you're from the south of the Uk, you've probably seen them tear a few gigs apart, but if not, then you probably haven't been exposed to this amazing team yet! So go here and DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOR FFFRRRREEEEE"
[68MB zip on webpage]

unfound37 - various artists - philly time [webpage]
"being that foundsound and unfoundsound were launched and nurtured in philadelphia, it’s only appropriate that we give you a new chapter to our “location series” – a compilation of tracks from philly artists entitled philly time. you get a whopping 13 tracks (woohoo!) illustrating the vast diversity that philly artists have to offer. the list of artists ranges from veterans to newcomers. you get deep and lush atmospheric bliss from scuba (a.k.a. king britt), tweaked-out tech-house insanity from nigel richards, danceable field recording brilliance from unfoundsound’s own fidget and tleilaxu, harsh and abrasive tech-core from duran duran duran, grime-ish dirty dub from starkey, fun-filled idm-ish tech-house from kilowatts, plus everlasting goodness from pink skull, accidentally and city rain. you also get some dope remixes! two tracks from miskate’s zuni ep (foundsound-03) are fiercely reworked by diss0nance and robmall. plus, jamie morris transforms “goofball” (unfound-01) by someone else into a minimal loop-techno gem. yes, indeed. philly will always be home."

Witchman - Innasylum (the lost album) [91MB zip on yousendit]
"The story goes like this...after Explorimenting Beats I recorded a follow up album "Innasylum". After delivering the album, the label deemed it too "uncommercial and downtempo". So, back to the drawing board I went, to write a few more ear-friendly tracks, ha!. On delivering the album I was promptly shelved in favor of another *cough* Trance artist with whom I shared the label and was raking in the cash for the powers that be. While i understood the logical thinking behind the decision, it became infuriating. After almost 2 years of gathering dust I left the label and the album in a bitter cloud of disgust, packed my bags and left for NYC. After such a lengthy period I couldn't support the release. I had moved on both technically and creatively. The whole process with the label left an incredibly bad taste in my mouth and as such I had no real passion in recording a new album.

"That was 7 years ago! Last week I came across the album while unpacking the new studio.

"So ladies and gentlemen, please feel free to follow this link and enjoy.

"I believe you have 7 days to download this puppy, after that, it's gone. At least until i upload to the Witchman website server, which knowing me..could well never happen.

"Bare in mind the album was recorded back in the stone age (99_2000) and as such I would sure as hell never release it commercially. It's a document in time. Incidentally, this is not the original intended play list, a couple of tracks were taken off (Mekong, Gotham City Rockers) as I never really liked them, but the label did. They have been substituted for tracks I had originally intended for the release, Sweet Waters and Sleepwalkin' the Apocalypse. New artwork has been embedded as the original art was destroyed.

"The Masai tribe have a great saying, "the past is another country, I no longer live there" which pretty much sums up how I feel about this album. While I no longer live there, it was enjoyable taking a return trip for an hour.

"Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the years, hopefully there will be some bits and pieces within this recording you like. If not..hey it's free...delete it.

"Till next time.



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